Analyze, create and share – fast!

Empower businesses and professionals to achieve more impactful outcomes in less time, with AI.

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    Gain insights from vast documents and data, fast.

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    Streamline content creation and sharing.

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    Enhance team collaboration.

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    Automate tasks.

Data Versality

Data Versality

Process data across multiple formats and business domains.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Invite team members, work on projects and data, together.

Social Outreach

Social Outreach

Schedule and post content on emails, LinkedIn, Facebook Page and X (Twitter).

Leverage AI assistants to drive efficiency and innovation.

Innovate and collaborate within and across disciplines on NeuralPit platform.

AI Assistants for Consulting and Business Improvement

Empower teams to unlock productivity and improve collaboration.

Teams can collaborate, generate, and visualize ideas with clarity. Conduct in-depth data analysis, summarizing and extracting insights from vast documents and websites.

AI for business: ask documents, chat pdf, summarize and extract insights from vast documents and websites, analyze data, generate and visualize ideas

Experience the latest AI tools

See how your business can achieve more impactful outcomes in less time with NeuralPit Platform.

Connect with us to start your AI journey

Find out how you can solve your business challenges leveraging AI, build and deploy AI applications specifically to your business needs.

Harness economic productivity with an advanced business neural system.

Upload data in various formats: documents, video, audio, websites, Youtube links, images, datasets, notes and emails.

Ask documents and innovate in teams: Summarize insights, analyze and visualize data, generate ideas.

Fine-tuned AI for business: business improvement, marketing & sales, HR, procurement, operations, finance and more.

use of AI Assistants in business: ask documents, chat pdf, summarize content, extract insights, analyze data, create content, share content via social platforms

Empower teams with AI tools for quicker and impactful outcomes.

Chat with documents and data

Interact with data, documents, websites, images, videos and more to quickly extract information.

Data analytics and visualization

Identify and cleanse data issues, and analyze and visualize data by simply asking questions.

Generate and visualize ideas

Use NeuralPit as a second brain to generate and visualize ideas, and to evaluate options. Create Mind maps, Gantt charts, and process diagrams.

Team collaboration and co-innovation

Team members can interact with the same documents and data instantaneously and manage projects effectively.

Applications and tools built on enterprise grade technologies.

Services crafted to fit your business needs, maximize benefits.

We offer AI-powered toolsets on NeuralPit platform and via API. We also deploy large language models (LLMs) and build AI applications tailored to business requirements.

Use NeuralPit on web platform.

Access NeuralPit on our web platform to extract insights from documents, websites and data, and gain instant, on-demand access to business knowledge.

Integrate NeuralPit into your web applications.

For larger businesses, integrate NeuralPit with your applications via API; your teams and data remain within your enterprise network.

Build “private” NeuralPit on your business local network.

For heightened security requirements or specialized business applications, build an 'offline' version of NeuralPit on your local business network.

Featured Use Cases

AI Applications in Business Improvement and Transformation, Business Management Consulting.

Unlocking the next wave of value

Business improvement professionals utilize NeuralPit to significantly reduce the time required for analyzing performance data, extracting insights from extensive documents and websites, and generating ideas and solutions.

This streamlines resource allocation toward implementing solutions and rapidly achieving tangible results.

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use of AI in consulting and business improvement: ask documents, chat pdf, summarize content, extract insights, analyze data, generate and visualize ideas, strategize solutions.

AI Applications in Human Resource

Transform HR function into a more strategic and value-added organization.

NeuralPit can be utilized in talent acquisition to review resumes and applications, onboard employees, increase self-service, and manage enterprise knowledge—saving significant time and costs, and helping to acquire and retain the right talent.

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use of AI in HR and recruitment, use AI to create job postings, use AI to review resumes and ask documents, analyze data, AI for learning and development.

AI Applications in Procurement and Supply Chain

Unlock efficiencies and enhance productivity to make more informed decisions.

Save a tremendous amount of time by leveraging NeuralPit to evaluate bid proposals, extract and analyze contracts (terms and conditions, volume rebates, etc.), and analyze procurement data.

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use of AI in Supply chain and procurement, use AI to analyze and assess bit proposals, extract key terms from contracts, use AI to analyze supply chain performance data.

AI Applications in Enterprise Knowledge

Enrich and preserve enterprise knowledge, making it accessible to all employees on demand.

Gain competitive advantages by instantly enriching and sharing enterprise 'know-how' with employees. Utilize NeuralPit for document and knowledge management, on-demand procedures and process Q&A, streamlined employee onboarding, and empowering employees.

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use of AI in business knowledge management, use AI to ask documents, Q&A process and procedures, onboarding new employees, self-service employee chatbots.

AI Applications in Marketing and Sales

Transform customer feedback, market trends, and competitor insights into actionable strategies.

Distill millions of customer reviews across websites and social media into actionable marketing strategies. Effortlessly dissect marketing and sales data to glean profound insights. Stay ahead of market trends, market segmentation and competitors, and craft compelling marketing content with AI-assisted precision.

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use of AI in marketing and sales, use AI to extract market intelligence from websites, create marketing content and share via emails and across social platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and X (Twitter).

AI Applications in Customer Service

Reshape customer experience and boost customer satisfaction.

Our AI customer service assistant enhances the customer experience by providing personalized, efficient, and round-the-clock support. It can swiftly handle large volume of queries, offer product recommendations, and enable self-service in multiple languages.

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use of AI in customer service, use AI to personalize customer experience, create AI chatbots to handle large volume of queries, offer product recommendations.

AI Applications in Operations and Manufacturing

Enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation while reducing costs.

Shift towards more user-led training and onboarding by making enterprise knowledge readily accessible on-demand through an AI-powered chatbot. Utilize NeuralPit's AI toolsets for performance analytics to quickly identify bottlenecks and root causes. Effortlessly sift through vast amounts of market data to offer manufacturers valuable insights, enabling informed decisions about product development, pricing strategies, and market positioning.

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use of AI in Operations and Mafacturing, use AI to analyze performance data to identify bottlenecks, create chatbot for process and procedure Q&A self-service.

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